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Meet Blackdove

Blackdove is a streaming art platform for residential and commercial customers that is now integrated with Control4.

Our SmartTV integrated app displays art in the same way that Netflix streams movies and Spotify streams music.

Collectors (our term for subscribers) build playlists, select a display and turn any compatible television into streaming art entertainment.

Blackdove is natively integrated with all major televisions brands, including Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, and AppleTV.

Find out why Samsung and Sony have partnered with Blackdove for their digital art displays!

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Partnering with Blackdove

Blackdove sells its Collector Series through the CEDIA Channel. Using a commission model that includes up-front and recurring commissions, we have created a win-win business model for select dealers like you.

Partnering with Blackdove means you will have:

  • Immediate and long-term commissions
  • Market differentiation through a new product
  • New business opportunities, lead referral, and installation hand off
  • Sales and co-marketing tools

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Key Benefits For You

A More Detailed Look to All you can Get Here At Blackdove.

  • A Visually Impressive Product

    Dazzle your customers
    with moving art

  • 50% Upfront commissions

    Create meaningful revenue opportunities from new and former customers

  • 10% Recurring commissions

    Share in our long
    term success

  • Up Selling Possibilities

    Expand your sales through art dedicated screens, installations, and integrations.

  • Control4 integration

    Control4 integration with the
    latest free driver.

  • Dashboard

    See all your sales, clients,
    and stats in one place.