Inflahivapolyflowpi Six

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In 1952 Alan Turing wrote an article, The Chemical Basis of Morphogesis, where he put forward a model of how living things form. His model describes, amongst other things, how stripes and spots might form in the skin of fishes. HivaPolyFlowPi is made by an implementation of his model, which spontaneously forms stripes and spots of color in a compressible fluid. The strips and spots have color and also movement, stirring the fluid. The fluid expands as well, magnifying small details which are elaborated by the process. 

The use of expansion was inspired by an idea from inflationary cosmology, where sub-atomic size quantum fluctuations in the inflaton field are expanded to such an extent that they cause the galactic scale structures we see in the universe. Tiny details become gigantic and dominate the composition.