About Us

Blackdove represents new media artists in the sale and licensing of their artwork.

Featured Artists are sold in limited editions and typically hung in portrait orientation with our premium displays of 75", 86" and 98" size.  

Our Open Subscription catalog is available on all major brands as an app for download (Samsung, AppleTV, Sony, AndroidTV, LG).  This collection includes over 400 artists and 1500 works of art.  Please consult the app store on your SmartTV for more information.

Premium subscription offerings are available via select resellers. 

Artists are compensated via royalties, licensing, subscription and direct sales at approximately 50% of proceeds.  

For more information on Blackdove; 

Marc Billings, CEO/Founder marc@blackdove.com 

Dan Mikesell, President  dan@blackdove.com 


Proudly made in Miami, FL