Vaheed Pall

Appropriating the culture, colours and spiritual concepts of classical Indian art Vaheed Pall is known for his traditional painting and drawing. A self-taught artist who gained skills in traditional painting and drawing by copying the old Flemish masters untutored whilst at secondary school gaining experience with oils and gouache media.

Born in South Asia he migrated to England as a child. He developed a style visualising the sacred inherent in Classical Indian Art “following the gestures of organic development seen in Nature”.

At the Royal College of Art (RCA), London, he gained a distinction grade in master's degree and while at RCA he was intuitively drawn to the computer generated image (CGI), and applying the same aesthetic sensitivity he developed in traditional painting. The CGI images were popular as book jacket illustrations.

He expanded his techniques to motion graphics generating meditative works, currently refining cross-platform artwork using 3d Fractal Software, post edited in Adobe and Maxon applications.

Currently he is exploring interactive generative media. Pall's work is owned by public and private collections both internationally and in the UK.