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What is Blackdove

Blackdove is a video art platform for artists and art collectors to manage, sell, distribute and display video art.

Artists are provided tools to store, manage, distribute and sell their artwork in an easy to use, FREE, cloud hosted environment.

Collectors and commercial customers are provided easy access to discover, purchase and showcase this artwork on televisions or dedicated displays.

Using a combination of our mobile apps ( iOS and Android) and . television apps (Apple, Android, Samsung and LG), users can experience your artwork in a simple but breathtaking experience on a global level.

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A Platform for Artists

Blackdove has been built from the ground up to provide Artists a platform to manage and extend their brand.

  • Blackdove is 100% free to artists and galleries. Artists are provided the tool necessary to store, market, manage and distribute their content.
  • Advanced analytics and automated payment processing mean that artists can market themselves to create a sustainable income stream, hassle free.
  • Social media marketing tools allow easy access for artists to post their works from Blackdove, enabling a direct sales process from with the platform.
  • For artists looking for a managed solution, our artist management teams are standing by to discuss how best to leverage the platform.

We are looking for your feedback as well, please email our team at with any questions or suggestions.


Key Artist Features

Through extensive discussions with artists we have developed a set of features to launch the company.

  • Global Market Capabilities

    Blackdove is worldwide with users in over 100 countries.

  • Earn 80% On Each Sale

    A more efficient platform means more revenue to the artist compared to traditional galleries.

  • Artwork Analytics

    Stay on top of your artworks with up to the minute stats. Filter down for specific data to grow sales.

  • Share it with your friends

    Convert your followers to direct sales of your artwork with simple post to social links.

  • Maintain the rights to your work

    Blackdove customers receive only a license to use, the artwork is yours to manage

  • No Exclusivity Lock-In

    Sell with us, on your own site, and beyond. We are here for you!