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for Digital Art

  • The art of discovery

    Embrace through a vast range of artists, styles, and artforms, and find what truly speaks to your soul.

  • Versatility and Elegance

    Where Elegance Meets Adaptability, Perfectly Suited for Any Occasion and Style.

  • Passion for Art

    Crafted and Curated by Real-Life Art Connoisseurs, Delighting Art Lovers with a Digital Gallery Brimming with Diversity and Expression.

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+5000 Artworks

Blackdove works with clients and their designers to create playlists that work for all their stakeholdersIncluded in Premium Subscription. 

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The first global catalog of digital art ready for streaming to your digital canvas or any television. Pair your wallet, manage your personal collection, and discover new artists from around the world that match your curatorial interests.

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Home Installation

Blackdove delivers and installs to any home or office in the United States. For International clients, please contact support for local options. Digital Canvas inventory is available in all major cities globally.

Example Client Installations

Dragon Global

In addition to the digital canvas lineup, Blackdove has a full lineup of the top display options for digital art. Shown here is a 1.2mm 6' Square LED with Refik Anadol.

Browse Square Displays

Perez Art Museum

Six .44mm LCD canvas stacked and integrated for exhibition of Marco Brambilla.


"We are thankful to have found a company that embraces the complexity of digital art installations. Our commitment to digital art requires the best technology and team. We are very comfortable with the Blackdove team."

Benedetta Ghione, Executive DirectorArt Dubai

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