Experience the creativity of video art.

Bring energy, inspiration and life into any space.

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Blackdove is the video art gallery of the future.

Video Art is the most exciting and innovative new frontier in the world of art. However, because there has never been an appropriate way to display these works, few, if any have been able to fully appreciate and enjoy their wonder. Not anymore. Thanks to the Blackdove Digital Canvas produced in partnership with Samsung, today everyone, everywhere can easily transform their lives, and their worlds, with the beauty and movement of digital art.

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George RedHawk
Antonio Mora Stone Landscape

Enhance any space with beauty and innovation.

Guaranteed by Samsung who make the Digital Canvas one-of-a-kind.

Home, office, public space and beyond, there is literally no place that a Blackdove Digital Canvas doesn’t complement its surroundings. But in truth, unmatched style and aesthetics are only part of the appeal. It is the quality of our technology that makes Blackdove a one-of-a-kind connected video art gallery solution.

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Smart and powerful technology.

A smartphone application with a limitless world of video art.

Behind every Blackdove Digital Canvas is elegant yet powerful software that lets you seamlessly and effortlessly display, rotate and store your very own video art collection. With the simple touch of a few buttons it could not be easier to access a virtual art gallery and bring your Blackdove Digital Canvas to life.

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More than a video art gallery platform.

Blackdove is committed to discovering the next generation of Picassos.

Blackdove is devoted to discovering and promoting the most talented video artists from around the globe. Our curators have invested significant time and effort to search for, find and partner with innovative thinkers and creators whose works are already helping to define the newest, and perhaps the most dynamic movement in the history of art.

Vaheed Pall
Patterns of Harmony